Boys and Girls Club

101 students, my first largest group of student.  The students were awesome, enjoyed my time educating them and sharing educational sun kit.

Got Shades!  

Saint John Vianney High School Group

Even though not everyone wanted to be on film, this was a great group.  I enjoyed my time and was happy to see that they agreed to protect.

Purple to protect

Main Street High School

Presentation to educate Main Street High School students, in regards to skin cancer.  This group of students successful answered skin cancer awareness question after my presentation.  Amazing group of high school students. 

Gave Sun Kits to the students and left sun kits with Dean to share with other students.

Use your lip balm!

City of Kissimmee Park

Getting the message out.  One by one, speaking to many people at the park, educating them in regards to skin cancer.  Blessed to have my Poppy and Nana assist me in spreading the word.

LA Fitness

Reaching out to high school students and adults at the gym.  So glad many signed the pledge and was given educational kits.  Thank you LA Fitness for allowing me to have table set up.

Got SPF.

Message Rock

Pink Ladybug message rocks, placed throughout my home town Downtown Kissimmee, Florida.  What a beautiful place, love living lakeside.

If you found a rock please place it somewhere else to keep the message going. 

Sister Girl Scouts Troop

Thank you to the sister Girl Scouts troop #39, for letting me come to your meeting.  Enjoyed educating this troop on Skin Cancer Awareness and protection.  

Last year I taught this troop about First Aid and How to make a First Aid Kit.  This year I taught them about the skin cancer and how to make a Sun Kit.

Girl Scouts be prepared when in the Sun.

Boys and girls club

Boys and Girls club.  Speaking to Middle and Elementary students.  

600 Educational Kits

My GS Gold goal was to reach one classroom, about 20 students.  I reached beyond my Goal.  

Total of 600 students, received Skin Cancer awareness and protection Kits.  Each Sun kit cost $15.00 to make.