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My name is Jacklyn Dougherty, I resides in Kissimmee, Florida with my lovely mommy. At the age of two I started ballet, which is still is my favorite style of dance. When I turned four, my Poppy introduce me to the game of golf. When I am not dancing on my toes, I am either on the course playing golf with friends, singing, playing basketball, or enjoying time with my mommy. 

My most honored achievements are earning the Girl Scouts Bronze and Silver award. In high school Varsity Letter for golf.  Awarded the Catholic Peer Ministry award and the Catholic Girl Scout Pillar award. 

I have been a Girl Scouts since the program start age of 5 years old.  I enjoy the program and encourage young girls to join.  Lucky that my mommy has been my troop leader for all the 12 years.  (thank you mommy, you have taught me and the other girls so much)

Of all the things I do, the most important  time is at church with my mommy. We are devoted Roman Catholic. In Church I am a Cantor, teacher assist for Middle School Religion Education and assist with Theology of the Body.  My life is extremely blessed by God, and I enjoy teaching other about the Catholic faith.

I am passionate about Government. My future college goal is attending the University of Notre Dame.  My  mother has always told me, "to use my voice to get the message across". Always using my voice and  dream of the day I use it as a future Lawyer.   (Canon and Malpractice Law)

Gold Award Project


My Gold Award project is to advocate Skin Cancer Awareness and Protection to High School Student.  I will do this by building this website and educating a high school class.

Photo:  Girl Scout nonprofit Board, presented my Gold project.

  #knowyourbody  Skin Care

Why Skin Cancer Project


When thinking about my Girl Scout Gold Award project, there were lots of ways I could help my community. I choice something very close to my heart, and something I felt some people do not understand.  

John P. Dougherty Sr. "Jack", is my Poppy.  I am also named after him "Jacklyn M. Dougherty".  At a  young age he has talked to me about the dangers of the sun.  Sadly my Poppy has had multiple sun cancer removed from his body.  The surgeries are very painful and we pray for him to get better.  

My Gold Award project is to build a website and advocate to a class of high school student. Educating and praying that they pledge to protect themselves from sun and #knowyourbody #seeyourdermatologist

Photo: Father Miguel, John P. Dougherty, Jacklyn M. Dougherty, and the Bishop John Gerard Noonan

Interview with my Poppy.

Jack and Jacklyn talking.  Great video with educational information. 


Join the pledge subscribe today. #knowyourbody